On this page you will find the partners of Miatas at Sevenum.
The partners of MAS cannot be missed at our event since, they give us that extra bit of support that makes MAS the beloved event that you know. We are very proud to have our  partners, that’s why we want to give them extra recognition by mentioning them at this page.

also interested in supporting us, please contact us via or via the contact form and inquire about the possibilities.

Evenementen verhuur
Energiestraat 4
5961 PT Horst
+31 (0)77-3986737
De Timp
Ruurloseweg 4b
7136 MD Zieuwent
0544 351 269
Drankenhandel-Slijterij Weijs
Uw topslijter
Herstraat 58
+31 (0)77-3981463
Horeca, Party en Event Verhuur
Industrieweg 55
5145 PD Waalwijk
+31 (0)416 374912